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Friday, March 3, 2023

Today Movie Review - Ghost of Mars

Today Movie Review - Ghost of Mars

 The video is set in the second part of the 22nd century, and it shows a terraformed Mars where people may wander around without breathing apparatus. Matriarchy has come to dominate on Mars, with women holding most positions of power. 


The protagonist of the novel is a police officer named Melanie Ballard, who, together with Sergeant Jericho, is in charge of a small team tasked with retrieving and transporting a prisoner named Desolation Williams. 


When Ballard finally reaches the desolate mining hamlet where Williams is being imprisoned, he discovers that nearly everyone has vanished. From what she hears, the miners uncovered a Martian underground passageway. 


Opening the door unleashed "ghosts," or disembodied spirits, which took control of the miners. Violence breaks out as the possessed miners murder, burn down their own mine, and mutilate themselves. Ballard, now in charge after the death of Helena Bradock, must repel the attacking miners, flee the town, and, if possible, eliminate the ghosts. 


One complication with her good intentions is that killing a possessed person just allows the Martian spirit to move on to another human being. As a last resort, the team plans to detonate a nuclear reactor in an effort to evaporate the spirits. 


Sergeant Jericho expresses love feelings for Ballard on multiple occasions, but Ballard rarely returns the favour. After many bloody battles and events, the miners manage to wipe out Ballard's crew and the survivors who have gathered in the jail, leaving only her and Williams alive after Sergeant Jericho and the other remaining officers and the two operators of the train are killed upon returning from a brief retreat to finish the fight. 


He escapes off the train, leaving Ballard handcuffed to her cot so that the authorities won't be able to pin the massacre on her, but her superiors are sceptical of her claim. 


All the while Ballard is in the hospital getting better, the city is under siege from the freed spirits who weren't killed after all. Williams comes back at the end to band up with Ballard against the possessed, setting up a sequel.